Jocks & Peers

Introducing Cambridge’s best new companions Jocks & Peers!

3 Cambridge students came together and decided to launch a special beer brand. The brand is a homage to their student days. Their idea was to develop a range of different beers that embodies the spirit of Cambridge and is specifically focused at students.

“We went with the 3 founders to take a tour of Cambridge and soak in what makes it so special. Despite the weather warning and gusts of wind that literally blew someones glasses off, it was an amazing experience to be able to tour the university with students that went there. One of our initial thoughts was the idea that there are two main types of students; Jock, the athletes and Peers, the studies. But both students have fun and drinking in common. So further circling that idea we believed there to be value in creating a brand that is embraces both sides of the university. The logo had to be fun yet in someway sophisticated. The icon is the student cap for the peers and two oars made into wheat for the jocks. This allowed us to have a strong central brand to build an amazing range” – Constantijn Huijnen Managing Director Cartils


An effervescent, bright gold coloured beer with a light malt flavour, backed with hints of tropical fruit and apple from the lubelski hop. This is a crisp, clean beer ideal for sunny summer days or those dark school days when you wish it was summer. This is the perfect beer to recognise the Peers.

Varsity Draft®

A smooth and balanced blend of premium malt and hops that hit at the middle of the mouth. This beer has citrus fruit flavours with notes of lychee and grapefruit from the cascade and chinook hops. The beer that embodies the spirit of the Jocks.