Harry Brompton’s New Can

Harry Brompton’s London Ice Tea was created with the aim of introducing delicious British ice tea to the world. The team behind Harry’s wanted to create ice tea perfection and worked day and night to make it happen. It all started with the perfect combination of black tea, a hint of citrus and the finest grain spirit.

With an ever-changing market and sustainability at the forefront of every beverage company, Harry Brompton’s approached their partners in design, Cartils. Our design brief was to create a contemporary and on trend can design befitting of their uniquely delicious product. At Cartils, we regularly work with emerging brands in creating packaging designs that establish market presence, ultimately leaving a lasting impression with consumers. Get in touch today to find out how we can help your brand grow from strength to strength.

We don’t want to brag, we don’t want to boast but (we might, just a little) … when we heard the news that the Harry’s can design had been nominated for a 2017 Pentaward, we were confident we’d nailed the brief.